What's New for 2018?

The Under Our Wing insurance program just keeps getting better

Unique to the Volunteer Canada program, your Director's and Officers' insurance coverage also includes: Free Legal Services and Cyber Security and Privacy coverage at no additional cost.

  • Call the free legal advice hotline with any legal questions you may have, or access a lawyer to defend against unexpected legal issues related to your organization. You can even access this insurance to cover the costs of pursuing legal action against another party.

  • Access Cyber and Privacy coverage to cover expenses related to your legal defence and to pay damages awarded to the individuals whose private and personal information was compromised by a third party. The directors' and officers' liability insurance also now includes a Personal Injury Extension to protect you against an actual or alleged invasion or privacy, libel or slander of a third partner, at no additional cost.

  • Better protection with Volunteer Canada's Commercial General Liability and Office Package insurance

    No longer limited to injuries and damages to a third party that occur within your workplace, your Commercial General Liability insurance insurance now also provide coverage against claims arising from injury or damage to a third party caused by your employees/volunteers elsewhere (for example, a volunteer accidentally causes property damage when working off-site).

    Members who hold Commercial General Liability or Office Package insurance in the Under Our Wing program now automatically qualify for a 10% discount on Special Events Coverage.

    In the event that you have a claim, would like to purchase coverage or have any questions about the liability protection available through the Under Our Wing insurance program, please contact a BMS program representative by phone at 1-844-294-2715 or by email at underourwing@bmsgroup.com.