Free Legal Advice Hotline

Your Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance policy automatically includes access to a free legal advice hotline.

Call the number below at any time to speak with a lawyer and get free legal advice.


Does my question have to be related to a claim or potential claim?

No, you can call the legal advice hotline at any time and as many times as you want – even if you are not involved in a potential or in-progress legal situation.

Can I call about issues related to my non-profit organization?

Absolutely. Call the legal advice hotline if you have questions or need legal advice related to your non-profit or charitable organization. The legal advice hotline can help you with employee disputes, contract issues, property protection and more.

Can I call about personal issues or get legal advice that doesn’t relate to my non-profit organization?

Yes, you can call the free legal advice hotline with any legal questions you may have.